Physical Therapy Center, Phase I

Physical Therapy Center, Phase I

treatment-1Rehabilitation Treatment Center Disabled Children

Project cost: $4,000
Project name: Physical Therapy Center, Phase I
Community: Tela
Community Need – The Challenge

In the poverty-stricken Tela community, there is no facility or support for handicapped, physically challenged and disabled children. Parents and children are currently left without hope or support unless they can travel to San Pedro Sula or even further to Miami. The anticipated name for this facility will be El Paraiso de los Ninos – Paradise of the Children.

Hands to Honduras Response

The land (one acre) has been donated by ‘Light of the Family’ for this project. Hands to Honduras will begin Phase I of the project with two medically equipped treatment rooms plus one accommodation room for the therapist. There will also be two indoor toilet facilities. Phase I will become the foundation of a larger facility; and if sufficient funding is available the project can expand to three rooms.

Community Participation

There is such a great need for this facility that the relatives and friends of prospective patients will help with the construction and maintenance.

Project Thoughts & Considerations

“From the love of a mother in memory of her five-year old disabled son and with ‘Light of the Family’, we want to give help to all those persons who need it. God opens the necessary doors for the realization of this project.”