Medical Facilities

Hogar Materno (Tela Center for Expectant Mothers)

After over a year of very hard work by H2H-T volunteers to design, begin the foundation, construct the 40 x 50’ facility, paint interior and exterior, add septic and electric, furnish, landscape, and finally dedicate – it is a joy for all H2H-T volunteers and supporters to see that expectant Tela moms now have a comfortable and safe space to wait until the birth of their baby.

Reconstruction of Rooms at Old Tela Hospital

The Old Tela Hospital (UMIS) is now the Administrative Center for Tela’s Health Centers. Upon request by the Administrator, H2H-T volunteers restored electrical power to (a huge job!) three unoccupied rooms and refurbished/ reconstructed/installed new windows and doors/painted these rooms (which were in very bad repair) for occupation as exam rooms for this wing of the health center. The team was also asked to rewire the wing for air conditioning.

Cuatro de Enero Health Center

Cuatro de Enero is a very overcrowded rural health center which treats hundreds of families in the San Juan area of Tela. This project involved the renovation and completion of a recently constructed 20 x 30’ addition to the existing health care facility. Renovations included restructuring of exam rooms, replacement of an existing leaking roof, installation of toilets and sinks, septic hookup, installation of windows and doors, new concrete entrance and walkway. Further renovations and painting will be completed in 2013 by H2H-T.