Day Care/Kinder Projects

Campo Elvir Day Care/Kinder

New Kitchen

Campo Elvir requested an outdoor kitchen be built because the current interior kitchen was very small and very hot. The open design is 12’ x 14’ with 5’ cement block walls with open cyclone fencing above on three sides, one solid wall on the side adjacent to the hill. A slanting overhang roof that prevents from rain entering the building covers the facility. H2H-T volunteers worked with a local mason to construct the kitchen. 

New Playground

In 2011, H2H-T built and installed a new cement retaining wall and new protective fencing, so in 2012, H2H-T had a local carpenter build and install some playground equipment for the kids to enjoy….swing set, and monkey bars. And new white beach sand was spread to cushion those untimely falls.

IHNFA Child Care Center

H2H-T funded the labor and materials for a new roof to cover the main section of the Child Care Center. One of the main classrooms was unusable due to holes in the roof and birds camping out and leaving their deposits in the room. Now the large room is safe for the children for use as a small library and work/sleep/play area.