Medical Projects

Women’s Health Brigade (6th year of H2H-T clinics)

The women’s health brigade offered breast and cervical cancer screening to the women of the greater Tela area for five consecutive days of clinics. Total patients seen – 243; Total # Pap’s – 195; Total # biopsies – 11. The H2H-T brigade leaders feel that the screening they offer is making a difference in Tela. In the past 5 years 1045 women have been screened. They have found about 8 cervical cancers and numerous pre-cancers, as well as breast cancer. All of these women have obtained treatment and are now disease free. 

Pediatric Clinic

The H2H-T pediatric team had a variety of experiences: helped set up and assisted the H2H-T Dermatology Clinic at the Tela Hospital; met and shadowed several physicians; saw patients in the neonatal unit; had the opportunity to shadow the Tela hospital pediatrician on ward rounds and attend two C-sections (and arranged for two HTH-T youth volunteers the opportunity to witness the C-sections.) The team saw patients at the H2H-T Rehabilitation Center, and they returned to Puerto Arturo Health Center and saw 18 patients.

Skin Health and Dermatology Brigade

This was the first year that a dermatologist accompanied the H2H-T group. There is no dermatologist in Tela, and the general Honduran population does not have access to a skin care specialist. Over 100 patients were seen in the out-patient department of the Tela Hospital. The 2012 H2H-T dermatologic health brigade was a success on several levels. Not only were many individuals seen and treated for skin disease, but an ongoing legacy was left by the education of local health providers and the donation of essential medical equipment.

Rehab Therapies Center

The Rehab Therapies team clinical focus this year was hearing, communication, speech and language services at the Center. Additional activities included: staff training, provided consultation and support for individual children, their family members and their therapists; planned and carried out a video conference call to UVM’s ILEHP Program as a staff development activity; met with Tela nutritionist regarding nutrition support for medically malnourished children; provided therapy and medical equipment; and met with representatives from CIARH, a consortium of rehab facilities in Honduras to which the Center has recently been admitted.