Dental Projects

Dental Clinics

The H2H-T Dental clinic this year was held at UMIS- Tela from Feb. 4 – Feb. 11. There were an average of 50- 70 extractions per day, and over 300 teeth were extracted during the five clinic days – all by one H2H-T dentist, three assistants, three translators! Also the H2H-t dentist trained a H2H-T youth volunteer to perform three days of fluoride clinics just outside the small dental clinic room. It was an amazing week! 

Fluoride Clinics

Five days of fluoride clinics were conducted by the H2H-T team of adult and youth volunteers and translators at the following schools: Tres de Mayo School – 81 treatments; Campo Elvir Day Care/Kinder – 94 treatments; Mir a Mar School – 133 treatments; Puerto Arturo Health Care Center – demonstrations for the nurses; IHNFA Child Care Center – demonstrations for the teachers. Overall H2H-T distributed about 1000 fluorides, 1000 toothbrushes, and about 750 miniature toothpastes. Dental education was given to the children and teachers.