Rehabilitation Therapies Center – Training, Water & Maintenance

Carpentry Construction & Building Maintenance

The carpentry construction team secured a large therapy mat to a wall. Three shelves with cubbies were constructed and installed in the storage closet. Fans were repaired and replaced in the staff room, waiting area and interview room. Electrical work included – rewiring and replacing the plugs to meet building codes.

Fence Painting

The security fence surrounding the Center was painted by H2H-T volunteers.


The Rehab team described this year’s visit as most successful. The Center staff has matured and has made much progress with the children and adults. H2H-T volunteers included four physical therapists and three occupational therapists that worked tirelessly treating the special needs children and provided training for the Honduran team of therapists and assistants.


H2H-T continues to assist with the salaries of the Honduran physical therapists and other staff to make the center sustainable and successful.

Clean Water

H2H-T installed a ultra-violet system with a large filter – the installation included a hot water tank, water heater, pump and plumbing hardware and associated distribution requirements.

This system provides the center with hot and cold clean running water that gives the staff the ability to start a wound care program in a modest hydrotherapy environment for the patients.