Medical Equipment & Medicine Donations

The Brothers Brothers Foundation offered H2H-T 32 pounds of medicine for antiviral, high blood pressure, antibiotics, heartburn, antifungal, diabetes, ibuprofen, etc. etc. Surgical instruments were also provided. All of these items were hand carried to Tela and donated to all of the Tela health centers, the Puerto Arturo clinic, IHNFA Day Care, the Rehabilitation Therapies Center and the nursing home.

Other Dontations

H2H-T donated hundreds of pounds of clothing; shoes; school and office supplies; toys; sports equipment; fire fighter equipment and supplies; medical equipment; medicines; vitamins; sewing equipment; kitchen utensils and supplies; rehabilitation supplies and equipment; tools; computers; toiletries…. to medical centers, rehab therapies center, hospital, fire department, nursing home, schools, families and children.