Day Care Construction & Water Projects

IHNFA Day Care – 70 children, with addition – up to 120 children

Construction of Two Rooms

H2H-T constructed two classrooms, approximately 45’ x 24’. This addition will allow the center to add 60 additional students to their program. Some windows were removed from older portions of the facility, cleaned and then reused in the new classrooms.

Clean Water

IHNFA only had contaminated city water into the kitchen area and also to an outside sink, so H2H-T installed new piping and valves to provide water for the entire facility, including all existing bathrooms, showers and sinks within the building. New piping, fixtures, and faucets were also installed in the bathrooms to make them operational. The “UV Water Purification System” was installed for use in the kitchen as well as the rest of the building. H2H-T installed a large 1700 liter cistern and a special water pump to provide the proper water pressure. This new UV system will allow purified water for cooking purposes and clean drinking water.

Campo Elvir Day Care – 45 children

Construction of Latrines

This day care for poor single mothers is in a very mountainous area of Tela and very difficult to reach by vehicle! H2H-T refurbished the old latrine and constructed a new concrete latrine. New toilets were also installed.