Escuela Eugenia Madrid School

Escuela Eugenia Madrid School

school-2New Kitchen For Poor Rural School

Project cost: $3,900
Project name: Escuela Eugenia Madrid School
Community: Campo Elvir – Tela
Community Need – The Challenge

For over 27 years, food for the 210 students has been prepared in local homes by 57 families. It is dangerous for the mothers to carry the hot food from their homes to the school. The village school has three classrooms that are in full disrepair. The kitchen will serve as a temporary classroom while the other building is being renovated.

Hands to Honduras Response

Construction of a new, well-equipped kitchen will allow preparation of the food on the premises and will alleviate the safety issues of carrying hot food, as well as allow proper safe storage of the food.

Community Participation

The community will supply all labor including a mason and an electrician. They will furnish gravel and sand. They need little volunteer help – they only lack the money for supplies to construct the kitchen.

Project Thoughts & Considerations

The school families are poor and cannot afford adequate food; in many instances, this is the only meal of the day for the children. A hungry child cannot learn well and “when families face food shortages, they will start withdrawing their children from school and putting them to work.”