Rehab Therapies Center

Rehab Therapies Center

rehab-1November 2007

The new Phase II building was competed and opened for treatment for the children in May, 2007.

Building I (built in 2006) houses Special Education and Psychological Services, a meeting and staff room. Building II (built in 2007) houses the administrative office, four private treatment and examining rooms, an Activities of Daily Living room, an Assistive Technology Laboratory, and a large therapeutic treatment area for Physical and Occupational Therapy.

The Vermont team of eight therapists take turns visiting the Center on a rotational system to maintain continuity in treating the children – in January, June and November. We communicate through the internet and hope to have webcam technology operational by mid February, 2008.

Our 2008 objectives are to finish the installation of running water, complete the flooring for the rooms, have volunteers paint appropriate murals to enhance the interior and to continue to equip the building to meet the
children’s needs.

We are all quite proud of the way we work together ‘for the children’, and we see mutual teaching and learning taking place. Currently, there are 75 children seeking help at the center along with a small group of adults. The families of the children have shown their appreciation by helping to maintain and care for the Center.

rehab-2Summer 2007

The new 24’ x 50’ P.T. building has an administrative office, large bathroom, four examination rooms and a large equipment room. There is also an 8’ x 9’ storage facility between the existing and new building. The 24’ x 86’ Rehab Therapies Center has been painted (inside and out), semi-furnished and is fully operation.