National Police Exercise Yard

National Police Exercise Yard

security-1Construction of Perimeter Security Wall for Prison

Project cost: $2,000
Project name: National Police
Community: Tela
Community Need – The Challenge

Existing courtyard for the containment of prisoners is no longer secure due to the deterioration of two perimeter walls. Upon arriving in Tela the Hands to Honduras team visited the police station and found that the sanitation facilities were deplorable. There was no running water in the complex despite there being a 20 bed dormitory on site and 42 police working there. There were also two holding cells without any facilities. All toilet facilities were flushed with water carried from a cistern in the ground.

Hands to Honduras Response

Hands to Honduras will supply all necessary materials to construct 20 foot high security walls to replace the two deteriorated side walls which are no longer functional. The Hands to Honduras program will fund a repair of the system along with the installation of shower, washbasins and additional WCs.

Community Participation

The wall will be completely built by the prison workers. The plumbing will be paid for by the program.

Project Thoughts & Considerations

The National Police are an integral part of the success of Hands to Honduras by providing a safe and secure environment for the volunteers during their stay. This project is essential to secure the Tela community from the threat of escape by dangerous criminals.

In addition, this wall will allow prisoners to safely get outside to exercise which is not presently allowed under the current conditions, making the prison a more humane environment.