Principle Necessities Project

This is a first year project. IHNFA made a list of what they consider their most needed ‘priniciple necessities’. Jazmin school did the same. This works well because we can purchase what they feel they really need. It also gives H2H-T the opportunity to support the economically depressed community of Tela with our purchases. We did could not get everything on their lists but did attempt to get many of the items.

IHNFA Child Care Center received: fire extinguisher; repaired cribs; Pampers; five large bath towels; school supplies/toys for the children; basic medicines and vitamins; for the kitchen – 5 large trays, 5 dozen cups, 5 dozen bowls, a blender, large pot to cook rice, a microwave; large trash can.

Jazmin School: Posters for the walls; school supplies; books for the children in Spanish; large trash can; and a bike for Julia the teacher. Julia walks one hour each way to teach at Jazmin. The idea of a bike for her was welcomed, and one of the H2H-T volunteers donated the majority for the bike with H2H-T picking up the remaining dollars. Julia was delighted to receive the bike making her daily trek to the school easier.

Lancetilla: 35 cups, bowls, spoons for the children’s lunches. With this, the school can now receive lunch supplies of rice, corn and beans – from the government.

Las Palmas: Educational posters for the classroom; school supplies; books for the children in Spanish.

Two health care centers received:

  • Puerto Arturo requested and received: a gooseneck exam lamp; a baby scale; an adult scale; medicines; vitamins; medical supplies; blood pressure pumps; stethoscope; stadiometer (to measure height). Also given to Elba – many small new infant baby clothes and diapers to give to the new mothers.
  • Quatro de Enero requested and received: a gooseneck exam lamp

Rio Tinto, Buenos Aires; Quatro de Enero; Puerto Arturo and Clinica de la mujer received medical supplies; medicines; bandages; and numerous medical items from the H2H-T Women’s Health Clinic nurses.