Community Projects

Tela Fire Department

Vermont-Hands to Honduras-Tela (H2H-T) provided the Tela Fire Department with four 12 inch mag flashlights; four 5 inch emergency cones; 25 safety alarm signals; numerous firefighter jackets, helmets, boots and overalls. These items were presented by H2H-T volunteers along with two rebuilt alternators and one drive belt (per the request of the firefighters) for the ambulance. During the week, the ambulance makes emergency runs. Each weekend, the ambulance is parked, with lights flashing, on the beach (in front of Hotel Sherwood). Two ambulance drivers watch and wait for emergencies. Volunteers witnessed the ambulance traveling to accidents three times during the H2H-T service trip.

Tela Police Department

The request from the Tela police department this year was for “3 B’s” – belts, boots and bullet proof vests. The police received more than their requests – H2H-T provided 10 new mag flashlights with orange cones (for accidents); 8 bullet proof vests; 10 pair of new esposas (handcuffs) 7 of these for the police and 3 for the CIA; orange safety vests; police caps with removable rain covers; heavy duty police belts with radio holders to go on the belts; gun holsters to go on the belts; tennis type shoes to wear when on a police bike; black police shoes; black neckties (corbatas) to wear with police uniform (for dress up).