Child Care Center Projects

IHNFA Child Care

Painting, Repairs, Plumbing

In 2009, H2H-T constructed two classrooms, approximately 45’ x 24’ to allow the center to add 60 additional students to their program…making a total of 120 children. The 2010 projects included the preparation and painting of the rooms – interior and two tone exterior. This was a very large painting project, and the volunteers did a superb job. All of the jalosy windows were inspected and a number of the windows were replaced and the opening mechanisms were replaced as needed.

The younger H2H-T volunteers, after their stint with rollers, were pressed into service picking up some of the omnipresent trash within the yard. All the trash was consolidated in three piles and these were picked up by the city during the second week. The end result was a greatly-improved look for the classrooms and it was in time for a community fair held the following weekend.

Carpentry and plumbing repairs included fixing defective toilets; repairing a dozen children’s wood chairs; repairing a main security door; mounting the H2H-T plaque on the newly painted building. The “UV Water Purification System”, installed in 2009 by H2H-T, was inspected. Minor adjustments were made and water sample tests were completed.

Campo Elvir Day Care Center

Construction of a New Classroom

A community day care center about 15 minutes by 4 wheel drive access from the center of Tela needed a new classroom to help house the 60 children. H2H-T constructed a kindergarten classroom approximately 20 x 24 ft. H2H-T supplied the materials and volunteer labor and many many volunteers from the community helped daily with the construction. This project became a favorite of the volunteers as the community is so welcoming and so helpful; and there is a great need here. School supplies and clothing were given to the teacher; one of our volunteers helped with the teaching in the classroom. Three days after the blocks were laid, the classroom was structurally completed. Roofing, installation of doors and windows, concrete floor and patio (all paid by H2H-T) is currently being completed by the mason and community volunteers. All construction is to be completed by the end of March, 2010.

Other past H2H-T projects at Campo Elvir included building a kitchen so the children could have daily meals and the construction of latrines.