Coello School

Coello School

library-1Protect Library From Leaking Roof

Project cost: $2,800
Project name: Coello School
Community: Barrio San Jose – Tela
Community Need – The Challenge

The 550 students were unable to utilize the 2,876 books in the library when it rains due to leaking roof and windows. Earlier in 2006 the books were stored in one of the other classrooms, thus prohibiting their use. This library is the largest and most heavily-used library in the town of Tela.

Hands to Honduras Response

Hands to Honduras repaired the roof and replaced the open-format windows of the library with jalousie windows. The inside of the library was fully repainted.

Community Participation

The community provided 5 workers and the job has been completed. Four Hands to Honduras volunteers painted the inside walls.

Project Thoughts & Considerations

The community has even offered accommodation for five Volunteers, and would consider providing meals and some basic tools. “They do not understand the extent of their poverty and yet they have the desire for their children to read and learn, knowing the impact it can have on their future.”