Escuela Luis Bogran

Escuela Luis Bogran

school-5Sanitary Facility Construction at Rural School

Project cost: $4,000
Project name: Escuela Luis Bogran
Community: San Juan – Tela (a Garifuna community)

Community Need – The Challenge

This school of 300 students, does not have any working sanitary facilities (latrines). Children must return home, often many minutes away, to use the home facilities. Major roof repair was needed, along with electric wiring installation.

Hands to Honduras Response

Hands to Honduras coordinated with the school to identify the most critical need which appeared to be the latrine installation. The full roof on the library wing has been replaced with new rafters when needed. The school has been entirely re-wired. Hands to Honduras volunteers painted nine classrooms and the exterior walls surrounding the inner courtyard. The sanitation project is on hold pending receipt of a grant money.

Community Participation

“75% of the community turned out to address the great need of this project.” The community has volunteered 75% help with the projects and 100% safety for the volunteers. They also promise 100% security of all materials.

Project Thoughts & Considerations

“Poverty and food insecurity are structural problems in this ‘most needy’ Garifuna area. The majority of households have limited access to basic services such as health, education, water and sanitation.” The classes had to be suspended due to the deterioration of the roof. The need is great, and the desire of the community is strong to keep their children in school.