Giving Projects

Donations & Necessities Project

We cannot possibly count how much was given. We filled the 4th floor of Hotel Sherwood with all the donated goods. It took several days to sort all and distribute to the very grateful Hondurans. Partial list: school supplies, clothing, medical supplies, x-ray view boxes, medicine, toys, shoes, sports equipment and uniforms, kitchen supplies, food processor for IHNFA, thousands of toothbrushes, over 200 bars of soap, children’s books, etc.

Uniform Project

Children in Tela schools are not supposed to attend school unless they have a uniform. H2H-T leaders received requests from school teachers for school uniforms for the less fortunate children whose families could not provide uniforms. The cost of the shirt, skirt or slacks with belt ranges from $20 to $25, based on size. H2H-T supplied 104 uniforms (shirts, skirts, pants) for the needy school children plus some socks at the following schools: Escuela Tres de Mayo, Escuela la Gran and for some of the hotel employees’ children. H2H-T provided 29 backpacks for mountain school of Lancetilla.

Sports Equipment & Sports Uniform Project


Project Hundreds of soccer uniforms, cleats, socks, balls were distributed to the roughly six local soccer teams around the Tela area. H2H-T youth volunteers worked with Tela’s Sports Director to make the presentation.


Project Tela’s Sports Director suggested that H2H-T give the baseball equipment to the Triunfo de la Cruz boys and girls baseball teams – baseball bats, mitts, catcher’s mitt, catcher’s face guard, knee guards, baseballs, baseball caps, and t-shirts. The kids were exuberant.

Scholarship Project

H2H-T funds several students who could not otherwise afford to continue high school. The appropriate students are suggested by teachers to H2H-T leaders. The cost per student is about $200 a year – this is for books, uniform, school supplies and a small tuition for the school. There is a great deal of poverty in Honduras and many parents simply can’t afford to send their children on to high school. The four student scholarship recipients were from the following schools: Tres de Mayo, La Esperanza, Lancetilla and Escuela Normal.

Literacy Project

Approximately 300 children’s books in Spanish, along with creative books in Spanish/English made by the H2H-T youth volunteers, were given directly to the school teachers at the following locations: La Esperanza, Lancetilla, Grevil Avelar, Tres de Mayo, Las Palmas, Jazmin, IHNFA, Campo Elvir, Cuatro de Enero Day Care; and the orphanage. The children were delighted to receive all these new books for use in their classrooms.