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The Shelburne News
March 26, 2009

On Saturday, March 7, Shelburne Fire and Shelburne Rescue departments gathered for their annual banquet to share camaraderie and to celebrate the accomplishments of their fellow members.

Recognized at the banquet were the elected officers of both agencies. They are:

Shelburne Fire Department

  • Chief: Craig Wooster
  • 1st Asst. Chief: Jerry Ouimet
  • 2nd Asst. Chief: Jim Talley
  • Captain: Jim Buell
  • 1st Lt:Matt Callaghan
  • 2nd Lt: John Goodrich

Shelburne Rescue

  • Chief: Linda Goodrich
  • Asst: Suzanne Zaner
  • Training officer: Megan Cross
  • Treasurer: Wendi Turner
  • Secretary: Andrew Kehl

Members receiving service anniversary pins were:

Fire Department

  • Dan Ericson (3 years)
  • Matt Callaghan (5 years)
  • Bryan Goodrich (5 years)
  • Craig Wooster (30 years)

Shelburne Rescue

  • Fletcher Bundy (5 years)
  • Cherie Schrader (5 years)
  • Damon Weinberg (5 years)
  • John Paul Bettencourt (10 years)
  • Nick Mellish (10 years)
  • Mark Willis (10 years)
  • Wendi Turner (20 years)

These are important milestones as the average tenure for a firefighter or EMS person in the United States is less than four years.

Special recognition was also given to the following persons:

Shelburne Fire Department

  • Firefighter of the Year: Zach Borst
  • Fire Officer of the Year: John Goodrich

Shelburne Rescue 

  • Rescuer of the Year: Suzanne Zaner
  • Charlie Phelps Award: Richard Fox
  • Driver of the Year: Cherie Schrader
  • Joan Foster Award: Karen Dearborn
  • Rookie of the Year: Holly Bachilas

Recognition was also given to three Shelburne residents who have continued to serve since the inception of the Shelburne First Response Team, which predated the formation of Shelburne Rescue some 20 years ago.

They are Greg Tweatt, George Nichols, and Julia Jaques.

A presentation was made by Colleen Haag, Linda Gilbert, and Al Gilbert of the Hands to Honduras organization for the work done by Tom Candon and Bob Platt in setting up communications systems for the fire, police, ambulance, and hospital of Tela, Honduras.

Tom Bessette and Tom Candon were recognized for their work in obtaining and training on an ambulance for the community of Tela, Honduras.

Those in attendance recognized the many local businesses who donated the gifts that were presented during the evening.

Shelburne Fire and Shelburne Rescue would like to hear from any residents who would like to join their organizations.